CUSP NYC offers a portfolio of contemporary artists for private and commercial collections, large scale mural installations, curatorial services and collaborative, creative projects.


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CUSP Cameo highlights guest artists, photographers, and sculptors throughout the year, all of whom have a unique technique or artistic point-of-view.

Currently featuring Merle Lindsey Allen

Merle Lindsey Allen (1962-2010) served in the US Navy as a photographer for five years before working as an independent artist. CUSP has access to more than 200 photos from his portfolio, most of which depict quiet, vast landscapes. Prints are available for custom orders at various sizes. Please feel free to contact us with all inquiries regarding his work.


about cusp

CUSP NYC and The Idea Trip were formed by NYC influencer Brian Maloney who has created world class integrated marketing campaigns for the world's best brands for the past 25 years.

As a creative consultancy, CUSP NYC offers a portfolio of contemporary artists for private and commercial collections, large scale mural installations, curatorial services and collaborative, creative projects.




Creativity Unleashed to Solve Problems, CUSP, has always been my modus operandi. Since the beginning of my career in brand marketing and public relations, I have looked to art for inspiration.  Whether to brand products, develop corporate identities, or expand pre-existing business reputations for the world’s most notable companies, the power of art has always been the engine of my creativity.  

I realized early on that the ultimate form of branding is in the direct conveyance of art. With CUSP, I am determined to bring the unbridled lessons of accessibility to my new gallery. Everyone is included in CUSP because it is defined not necessarily as a forum for art acquisition, but rather as a safe house where an experiential exposure to the power of art is available to all.

The artists I have selected to represent reflect a sustained seasoned world view. Each painter has developed a personal form language supported by a commitment to high craftsmanship. While their visual voices are unique, all CUSP artists are family in their respective embrace of color.

In sharing my creative motto CUSP, I hope you are inspired to find your personal place of inquisitiveness. Be energized and embrace the artistic destination that reverberates for you, be it fine art, dance, music, or theater. CUSP has always lived within me and I would now like to share the excitement I have always known with you.

- Brian Maloney, Founder of CUSP NYC


about the team

Brian Maloney, Founder & Director
Maloney most recently was Managing Director for Ogilvy Public Relations and led the US Brand Marketing practice, working with brands such as American Express, FORD and LG Consumer Electronics. While at Ogilvy, Maloney created the Arts@Ogilvy program where he invited local contemporary artists to showcase their work throughout common areas and work spaces.

Prior to Ogilvy, Maloney was founder and co-CEO of Maloney & Fox, a creative consumer powerhouse for more than 15 years, serving leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Brookfield Place, The Rockwell Group, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Tupperware, Shutterfly and Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch. 

At Maloney & Fox, Brian led his teams to nearly 100 consumer marketing and PR awards, including "Small Agency of the Year, 2010" and one of the "Top 50 Best Firms to Work for in New York" from Crain's New York.

Outside of work, Brian can be found exploring on-the-cusp NYC neighborhoods or in Washington Square Park running after his twins with his partner, Stelian Serban. He is an advisory board member of DeGustibus Cooking School and co-founded Operation Design (, a mentoring program in Art & Design for NYC public school students. 

Weston Wittry, Gallery Manager
Wittry is an in-house designer and consultant for CUSP NYC projects. He studied fine art at the University of Michigan and has since worked in fashion, product design, and contemporary art.

Outside of CUSP, Weston is a practicing artist and illustrator.


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