Startling depictions of the human figure, distilled to their essence and cast in pigment create the singular visual language of artist Ross Brodar. With an emblematic force and feeling of permanence, the effect of Brodar’s figuration is unmistakable.  Whether frontal or in profile, his individualized population of full figures and faces are often interwoven with elemental alphabets and numerical symbols. Brodar uses his particular form language in combination with Fauvist color to articulate a frenetic surface, as he seemingly sculpts his unique iconography in paint.

Working as easily on found materials as he does on traditional substrates, Brodar forges images that directly reflect an urban complexity. His paintings become haunting depictions of modern life seamlessly married to a process suggestive of tribal record-keeping.

As enigmatic as it is intuitive, the power of his work resides in the contemporary paradigm, one where our humanity confronts an ever increasing technological existence.