George A. Shopkin

Angulations of purified color set meticulously in place with the precision of a master watchmaker define the work of George A. Shopkin. His interwoven images of interconnected color pulse with the rhythm of our binary age, creating a veritable circuit board of popping chromatic vibration. Systematically held in place by an underlying complex geometry, there is a subtle sense of constructive constraint as each color is contained within a delineated boundary. Shopkin’s color conjoins to produce a radiant energy. His constructed technicolor universe is one where rules are established only to be broken by the artist’s painterly action.

Working in the past 20 years in America, Bulgarian born American artist Giorge Alaykoff is known by his nickname Shopkin. He led an illustrious life in Totalitarian Bulgaria for nearly 39 years, having been threatened, interrogated, and deprived of his basic rights and artistic freedoms simply for expressing himself through painting and sculpture.

In his new found home in Watertown, Massachusetts, after a brief period as a political refugee in Germany, Shopkin has continued to produce a remarkable collection of contemporary visual work, drawn from his classical training, poetic and musical influences, as well as a unique aesthetic he developed to overcome the struggles of a communist era.